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Target is My Happy Place

Well one of them anyway....

 My husband and I had separate errands to run today before we met for lunch and to do our taxes. I finished before him, so I decided to pay a visit to Target. I hadn't been in there in a few weeks and before then it was a few months. And I had been reading updates and reviews from my blog feed recently about Target and all of their fabulousness. I'm so glad I got to finally see it first hand. The new home line Threshold is absolutely ah-mazing. I could've stayed there all day; and I might've, had I not remembered my hubby was waiting for me.

 I've always liked Target for the value and prices of their products. But in recent years I have begun to fall in love with them. I'm able to find such nice things in every department that suits my wallet and my taste.

Now I must admit, I was an avid Walmart shopper as a college student and newlywed. But as I grew into my adulthood I began to prefer the quality of Target over Walmart. Don't get me wrong, We still go to Walmart. My husband especially because it's closer to our home than the Target store is. But if given the task to chose, I'm sure by now you can guess where I would go.

If I am ever blessed enough to review them officially, I'm jumping no questions asked. Well maybe, just one question. What's my reward :)

This post contains thoughts and views that are my own and in no way are influenced by the companies mentioned or any outside company on their behalf. 


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