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Hey Peoples!

How was your weekend? Mine was great! We had our church's first annual Chili Cookoff this past Saturday and it was a blast let me tell you. There was plenty of chili, friendly-competitive competition, and good wholesome fun going on. We even had the firefighters from the local fire station be the official judges. My husband was one of the main organizers for the event so naturally we had to compete. Although, truth be told I was a reluctant participant.

Not that I didn't want to support the event. That's was not the issue. The issue was I have never made chili myself. Before this contest we never even thought to make chili at home. We always have chili from a restaurant. So needless to say I was not so confident with my chili-making skills. But I just dove right in feet first. Get it? Because when you cook something good down south people tend to say, "I put my foot in...". Oh never mind, I can see the blank stares already.

Nonetheless, we took third place in the exotic category. Which I am over the moon excited about. This modified recipe is definitely going in the recipe book. There was barely any left. I'm glad I thought to pour some off before taking it.

After church the next day, we took a drive to nearby Bolling AFB to get some needed uniform stuff for my guy. Then we stopped at GameStop to pickup some new games and ended the day playing them. As my son says "it was a great day".

Here's some pics from our weekend...

Doing some online work during family time (tisk tisk)

Kinect Playtime

Yes we are trying to walk. We are 9 whole months now!

What did you and your family get into this weekend?

 photo queen-crown-md2_zpsd60feed4.jpg


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