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Making Your Very Own Dream Board

Hey Peeps!

Today I wanted to share with you something I have decided to begin working on. I want to make a dream or vision board. I've never done one before but I thought it would be fun and a great motivation. For those of you who aren't familiar with what that is; it's basically a visual aid to help you layout your goals and desires for any area of your life. Some people do it for their careers, others for their physical (weight loss, health) goals. I'm doing mine to encompass my whole life.

Here's my short list of instructions on how to make one....

Supplies Needed:
Corkboard or poster board
Markers and colored pencils
Pictures of yourself
Stickers or scrap board embellishments
Old magazines and newspaper articles
Internet clippings or pictures

Let's Get Started:

1.Begin your process by gathering all of your pictures and clipping/printing them out. This may take a few days so keep them organized in a folder or envelope so you don't lose them. Think about things that represent you or things that you want in your life. Use words, pictures, symbols, anything you want.

2. Once you have gathered all of your dream clippings, it's time to really get started. Begin to organize them on your board. Starting with the center place your big focus here. Ask yourself WHAT DO I WANT? Once you have that nailed down then spread out the rest from there.You can choose to do it randomly or separate into themes or categories (romance, career, lifestyle, etc.)

3. When you are happy with the overall layout of your board, go ahead and grab the glue and make it stick. Use your markers, colored pencils, and other embellishments to make it your own. It can be as plain or as ornate as you want.

4. Now that you have made your board place it somewhere you can easily see it and check it frequently to be sure you are staying focused.

I've been looking online for some ideas and found some really great examples on Pinterest (of course). Here's some that I really liked

I love the affirmation words on this board.

 This is a very neat option if you wanted to use it as apart of you home d├ęcor. The frame dresses it up nicely.

 Mine will most likely look like this. I am so all over the scrapbook embellishments and such.

This one is mainly words. So if you aren't into the pictures this is a good option for you.
What is a vision board?    A vision board is a collage of pictures, phrases, words or items that represent you and your goals. Vision boards are for inspiration; think of it as a vision of the future if you will. These goals can be either short-term or long-term. By seeing these images on a daily basis, you will keep the motivation to reach those goals and desires.

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