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Easter is Over and Spring STILL isn't here!

Wow wee! Boy I am full and tired. We had a great day yesterday. We went to church and my heart soared as my oldest did his thing during the Easter program. Everyone looked beautiful in their spring colors; some of us hoped Spring would take a look at our outfits and be inclined to make an appearance. The afternoon was spent with some of our church family for Easter dinner. The food was good and so was the fellowship. My macaroni and cheese was a big hit and everyone left with stuffed bellies and plates. It was fun seeing the mixture of people young and old having fun together. I love being able to spend the holidays with people I truly care about.

I couldn't help but reflect on the sacrifice that was made in order for my family and I to have this day to celebrate. I don't know if I could ever sacrifice myself or my child for the "greater good" particularly if I knew the sacrifice was not going to be valued or appreciated. And I pray I never have to make that decision. But I'm ever so grateful to the Almighty for looking beyond the cross...

Now let's talk about this thing called "spring" that's supposed to be here. Ummmm..... where the heck is it?! I'm so ready to rock my "short sleeves and sandals"! I have been anticipating the arrival of the cherry blossoms in DC and even though the festival is in full swing, the cherry blossoms are slow to appear. Hopefully, we will be able to see them at or close to "peak bloom" when we go to the parade. This is the official start of our warm weather activities and I'm dying for it to get going. Is it Spring where you are yet?

How was your Easter Sunday?


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