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Kicking It In High Gear

Hello All!

Today I come to you from the land of "not quite Spring". Although we are anxiously awaiting the warm weather, we are not waiting to start our annual spring cleaning project. Thanks to the 40 bags project we have gotten rid of most of our clutter. There are still a few areas that still need some attention; but the important areas have been addressed.

I can't help but smile when I think of how much more clutter-free my home is. I now have a clear direction of what I want out of my home (organization and function-wise) and in my home (decoration-wise). The theme for me this year is simplifying. I want to use everything I have in my home. I don't want my house to be full of "pretty storage". If I can't or don't want to use it then it has no place here. I can't wait to see how my home and life will evolve this year.

I also can't wait to show my mommy and my mother-in-law who are both flying up the first week in May for my oldest's birthday. I'm motivated to have everything finished before they get here. Who am I kidding? I'd settle for at least 85% finished. Hey don't judge me...... I'm a realist lol.

So around here we are blasting upbeat music (mostly from my workout playlist) and blasting away clutter.

 I know I'm terrible with posting pics but I will have some up soon as well as my latest DIY projects.

So how about it? Are you kicking it in high gear for Spring?


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