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Hey Everyone!
I hope everyone is safe from Hurricane Sandy this past weekend. In preparation for the storm and because the weather had already started to get bad; I decided not to take the time to post on Sunday evening like I usually do. So now that the worst is past I can go ahead and give and update on what's been going on with us. My son is progressing along great with his lessons and although he is still a busy body; I can clearly see that he is retaining what is being taught to him. So I'm just working on getting him to calm down and not be so active during class just to help his future kindergarten teacher out. I took another trip to Dollar Tree last week to see what else they had in the "Teacher's Corner". I love going here first before I take a trip to the teacher's store or Walmart for school supplies because I have been able to find tons of the things I need and more for just a dollar. Needless to say they didn't disappoint.

This week we will be focusing on the weather. Taking advantage of the hurricane and drastic change. I have a few ideas for his science skill center that will either involve creating a weather chart or some type of experiment.

In light of the new "additions" to my life, I feel the need to revamp my schedule. I haven't quite figured out how best to do this so I will be taking a brief hiatus to research some things and figure out what I want and what works best for me and my family. While I'm away click on over to one of the awesome blogs that I personally follow. The links are on the right. Check back soon and be sure to "follow me" so you will be notified once I return......

I said that this post will be quick so I'm going to end it here..... See you Soon!


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