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Jumping Into Fall

I just LOVE Fall don't you?!?!?!

We've been getting back into the swing of things around here and one of the things I tackled this week was decorating the house for Fall. We don't really celebrate Halloween around here as we are a christian home; but we do celebrate in the harvest. At our church we have Harvest Night on Oct 31st where we play games and have arts and crafts, and of course candy. So the same goes in our home. While there are no witches or spiders, etc I decorated with hay, leaves, pumpkins and other gourds, etc.

My mother, who loves this time of year, has helped me cultivate quite a collection of fall decorations. The focal point of the decor this year was my fireplace; I don't have a mantle, oh how I wish I did, but I improvised with the small space in front of the fireplace itself. I also did my front porch and added a few small elements to my dining room table. I'm very happy with how it all turned out. I did my happy dance a few times and went snap happy with my cellphone. Unfortunately I only remembered to take pics during the work in progress stage, so I have no pics of the finished product. Arrrggh!!! You live and you learn. Anywhoo, here's how it all looks...somewhat

I'm sorry about the not-so-perfect picture quality but since my camera broke almost a full 2 years ago, I have been forced to use my phone's camera. I promise I will get another one soon. That is my husband and my wonderful husband by the way.....


I have been doing lite "homeschooling" with my oldest son since he was about 2 years old. But now that he is four and about to head to Kindergarten; and he hasn't consistently been in a formal school setting (no daycare or preschool), I wanted to be sure that he was as equipped as I could possibly make him. In addition to that I could use this time to get teaching practice as I finish up my teaching degree and kind of work out the kinks and find my teaching niche. That being said, I am sort of overwhelmed at how serious of a task this is and how important it is for me not to fail. Fortunately, I have the constant support of my wonderful husband and my amazing mother; who just happens to be a retired teacher with over 30 years of experience.

We started learning about the Fall season. I began by telling him why it was called Fall and what months are in the season. Then I made up an activity sheet with different types of leaves and had him color them as we talked about the various characteristics of fall leaves and colors of fall. I love teaching about the seasons; and since I almost always decorate my home to accompany the season, thanks to my mother :), I have tons of little "teaching aids" readily available. Later in the week we went outside picked different leaves and pine cones (which for some reason I keep calling acorns *shrugs*) and examined how different they were and why they thought they were different shapes, sizes, colors, etc. Then for math we counted how many different leaf colors we had and made a graph to represent them. He really loved this activity and did very well with it.

This week was an overall good beginning week. I am very proud of the things that my son already knows. It wasn't until I sat him down and created a classroom setting with him and began to give him assignments and start the teaching process that I realized how much he actually knew and how eager he is to learn. I can't wait to continue on this week and the future weeks/months to come.

What are you doing for Fall?



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