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Humble Beginnings

So I am here... at the beginning. Not really sure what I plan to do with this blog or if it's something I really want to do. I mean I want to do it, but will I have the time or should I say the "will" to keep up with it when my schedule goes from on paper to in action. As it seems right now I will be able to fit blogging into my schedule so I'm starting this with definite plans to be "subject to change". Then there's the question of what will I blog about.

 I wanted to name this blog "Hearts @ Home" because I didn't want to be tied to just one main subject. The only subject I was willing to be tied to was "home"; and that's because to me it served as an umbrella for all of the topics I intend to discuss. Even more so now, since my recent illness and the birth of our second son (Chipmunk); I will semi-indefinitely be a stay at home mom. But I did a internet search of this title and I found it was used waay too much. So then I started thinking about how I'm constantly having to keep up with my boys and there messes; and I kinda like what I came up with.

While I am somewhat heartbroken about recent developments in my health; I intend not to focus on the negative. Instead I will use this time to cultivate and nurture my home and all of it's inhabitants.

I'm excited to see what this blog blossoms into and what opportunities arise from this new project.


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