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Go to "School" Get Out of "Home"!!!

A recurring problem I am having with my oldest son is the fact that he is constantly needing to be reminded that he is in "school" and not just at home doing some learning stuff. Because our current place is so small, and because I have a 3 month old along with other house responsibilities that I handle during school hours; I have to use the dining area as the school area for ease and maximum visibility. I have begun to close off the room doors and block off the living room area with my ottoman so he can have a clear distinction of where "school" and "home" are. He's got the basic concept but he has a hard time resisting the temptation to go "home" when he should be in "school". So the phrases I commonly hear my self starting to say now are "go to school and get out of home" and "I'm in home now you can't talk to me". Lol, it's hilarious to me at the end of the day when I think about how silly I sound; and how frustrated I sometimes get. But I know eventually it will pay off with patience and consistency.

Are you homeschooling your child?



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