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Best Gift I Ever Received

Hey peeps!

I hope you have recovered from your Thanksgiving turkey and Black Friday shopping. I'm on a slow recovery process due to the delicious fried turkey a friend did for us. It keeps calling from the fridge.... And I's keep answering lol. As for black Friday, I made a game plan and didn't suffer long in the lines due to planning ahead; which is a small blessing in and of itself.

With all of the talk about gift buying, etc. I began to think back on the gifts I've received in my life. I have been fortunate to be spoiled by my parents as a child and now my hubby. So it's hard for me to  narrow down what I would consider to be my best gift ever. But if I had to pick a recent one, I would say my birthday gift from my husband (circa May 2009). When we had my oldest son in May 2008, my husband began to tease me and give me a hard time about my birthday, because it's also in the month of May; and we all know this month is famous for Mother's Day. He would say something like "We have to skip your birthday if you want a mother's day gift." Of course he never did that. I always received something to celebrate the occasion (dinner, a gift, etc.). He just loves to as I call it, play with my emotions.

This particular year I really wasn't expecting much because we had just come back from a big trip back home and with 3 major events in the month, I was willing to sacrifice for my birthday. My love had other plans. He surprised me with a 4 day cruise to the Bahamas setting sail on the day after my birthday. This gift came as a total surprise and made my heart leap with joy. Coming from a single family with 5 kids my husband isn't big on gifts and gift-giving. So for him to make an effort to plan and execute a gift like this was a big deal. The gift for me was what it took for him to do it more than what he did.

We had so much fun and didn't want to leave the ship... isn't that always the case? A cruise is definitely a fun way to travel. Can't wait until we do it again.

What was your best gift?


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