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Thirty Before 30

In a few years I will be turning 30. Eek! In honor of this grand occasion, I decided to try and complete 30 different things before I reach this milestone. My goal is to accomplish some things I've been working on and to push myself out of my comfort zone. This is by no means a finalized list but here's what I have so far. I will of course update it as I go along by crossing it off and adding the date next to it once it's complete

  1. Complete my degree
  2. Wear a 2 piece bikini or a monokini
  3. Participate as a speaker/seminar presenter
  4. Be able to run at least 5 mi a day
  5. Go to the Essence Music Festival
  6. Record a song as lead
  7. Attend a Beyoncé Concert {7/30/13- birthday gift thanks Babe}
  8. Complete a volunteer project
  9. Run a 5k
  10. Take another cruise- 1 week this time
  11. Learn to sew
  12. Blog everyday for 3 months straight (except maybe on Sun)
  13. Lose 45lbs
  14. Take a winter vacation to a ski lodge
  15. Run the National Mall (in DC) with my husband
  16. Learn to snowboard
  17. Take a  pole fitness class {Summer 2013}
  18. Read 30 new books
  19. Start and complete a Project Life Album
  20. Do a major home DIY project (like make my own upholstered headboard, or reupholster a chair)
  21. Work on my time management. (Be consistently 10-15 mins early)
  22. Take a photography class
  23. Do something totally out of character {Summer 2014- participated in a radio show 3 times and currently cast in an online web series}
  24. Treat myself to a day at the Spa
  25. Take a trip with my mom (just the two of us)
  26. Stay at a bed and breakfast
  27. Start a children's ministry 
  28. Own a home
  29. Be featured by a blogger I love
  30. Guest post at least 3 times


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