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Another Birthday!


I can't believe that he's already a year old. This year went by extremely fast. From infant to toddler.

Oh boy here we go....

This is a very busy week in our household. In addition to two birthdays, one party and a Chuck-e-Cheese youth group outing; my niece is coming for our annual girl's vacation. We are running on all cylinders and I be you can guess there is a pile of dishes in my sink. Not a huge pile maybe 5 items total. I know I need to go ahead and tackle them before it gets worse. But I always tend to feel like I can get to it later and do something I consider to be more important. And the next thing you know, it's a day later and the dishes are up to the rim.

 Today I shall not fall into that trap! Today I shall go ahead and wash those few dishes...

After I sing Happy Birthday to my little one. For the third time today.....

Procrastination..... It's an epidemic. No judging lol


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