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A Good Saturday

Happy New Week!

This past Saturday was the greatest Saturday in the succession of "Great Saturdays" that have been rolling through here lately. I've been getting everything from a free quart of paint to dinner a my fav restaurant. But today topped them all. It started that morning with the arrival of my beautiful Paula Deen cookware. Which I have to mention that I got on sale by the way. I've been wanting (and needing) these beauties for a while now. But I just kept putting off getting them for things deemed more important. I had long been fed up with our current pots and pans that were scratched and scraped with broken handles; but the final straw came when I began seeing the inside non-stick material in the food I was cooking. That was NOT acceptable!

So then I began my search for cookware that was durable, safe, and beautiful enough to be in my kitchen. Through my search I considered a number of choices from All-Clad to Emeril to Rachel Ray and some in-between. I finally settled on Paula Deen porcelain cookware in Blueberry. I found it on sale for $109 on Amazon; and with my Prime membership, I got free two day shipping. Needless to say me and my pockets were both happy.

Then later that afternoon out of nowhere my hubby takes us to the mall and purchases an iPad just for me. Talk about a great day! It felt like Christmas. I can't wait to start cooking with my pretty new pots and blogging on my iPad.

I hope you have been keeping up with the challenge these past few weeks. I know I haven't mentioned it in a while and I promise to correct that soon. I also can't wait to share the results of my DIY curtains and painted dresser.

Have you added any new items to your kitchen lately?


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