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40 Bags 40 Days- Week One

Okay so this week I officially started the 40 Bags in 40 Days challenge by White House Black Shutters and so far so good. I got off to a slow start but picked up some momentum on Wednesday in order to finish strong on Saturday.

 Here's a day-by-day recap:

I began the challenge in my master bedroom before pic can be found here. I had already purged a lot of MY side of the closet a few months ago as apart of my new baby nesting bug; but I barely touched my husband's side. Primarily, because he always says I have "Waaay More" clothes and shoes than he does; and I contend that while I do have more, it's no where near "waaay more" as he so eloquently put it. And that he has a whole lot more than he thinks; and what's worse, he has a ton of items that he does not and/or will not ever where in this here life. And I proved it! I wish I had taken a picture and sadly we have since moved so the opportunity has passed, sigh.

Bag total: 2

Tuesday: Tuesday I started de-cluttering my emails and since I have 3 this was a daunting task and I soon realized I would need to dedicate more that one day to this task.

Bag total: none, 3,000 emails sorted into folders or deleted

Wednesday: Today was a day where I let myself get overwhelmed. I looked around my home full of boxes (we just moved a week ago) and I saw all that needed to be done and I got discouraged. So instead I avoided the problem and took my children to the park so I wouldn't have to see it.

Thursday: This was the day I woke up and go back on track. I resolved that this problem wasn't created overnight and it definitely wouldn't be fixed overnight. So I rolled up my sleeves and I started in my kitchen pantry/cabinets and in my fridge/freezer getting rid of old or unwanted items. Next will be to organize

Bag total: 2

Friday:  I  took this day to de-clutter and de-crapify my kid's room in preparation for their remodel. Because they don't yet have too much, I was able to tackle toys, clothes, and shoes

Bag total: 3

Saturday: This was a day spent away from we went to a consignment sale hosted by a local parent group here in Northern VA.

Bag total: 0

Have you started the challenge? Tell me about it....



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