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Theme Park Week

Greetings all!

Hope you had a great weekend. I spent the most of mine recovering from my niece and nephew's two week visit. That was 4 kids under the age of 9 for TWO WHOLE WEEKS! Phew! It was fun but I'm glad im back down to two.
Summer time and theme parks go hand and hand. Not to mention the fact that I am a theme park LOVER. So it's only right I talk about it a bit. This week in honor of our church trip to Six Flags I will be posting some tips for surviving a trip to the theme park with small children.
Today's tips are about planning. Here's a short list of things to remember when planning your trip.

1.Check the weather- 'nouff said

2. Check what time theme park opens/closes and if going to the water park check when that opens too. Most of the time they don't open right when the theme park does. Sometimes it opens up to 30 mins or more after. We made this nistake last year. We got into the park changed into water gear and walked all the way there just to wait an hour and a half in line.

3. Check the height requirements for rides you and your little one plan to ride. Nothing is more nerve-racking at a theme park than a fussy kid disappointed that they can't ride the ride they've been talking about all week.

4. Measure your child! - Now that you know the height requirements, compare that to the list of rides and talk with your little one about what he or she can and cannot ride. Stop by Guest Services and they can measure for you if you want to be sure. Most of the time you can get some type of indicator from them that ride attendants can see and immediately identify your child as a eligible rider.

5. If packing a lunch, check park policies for coolers and lunch bags. Also find out where the designated eating areas are.

6. Have some sort of plan worked out if you get separated and go over them with your child a few days before. Dinner time is a good time to bring it up and reiterate everyday leading up to the big day.

7. Read the park website's FAQ section- it's always a good idea to be armed with that general knowledge.

8. Make a list and pack at least two days before. So you can be sure you have everything you need. Or at least have time to add what you've forgotten.

Hope this helps.

Have any more tips? I'd love to hear from you.


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