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End of Summer

Wow! Can you believe it?!

Summer is almost over!

Come the end of this weekend pools and waterparks will be closed; and for us on Tuesday, classes resume. This year the end of summer marks a bittersweet, exciting moment for us. Our oldest known around here as Speedy, is headed to Kindergarten. He's super-excited and we are happy for him. He's already been to Kinder Camp for a week where he got to meet the teachers and get a little practice being in a "big school" setting. I love that his school offered this and the other "back to school" events. It made the transition for us, in my opinion, smooth.

Of course you know I took several pictures

But enough about that.....

Our summer has been jam-packed with a lot of awesomeness. We didn't do everything on our list (which almost always is the case) but we did a great deal. Here's a brief review of our summer.

King's Dominion- The first (and only) big trip of the summer was our church trip to King's Dominion. It was a blast to spend the day with families we know and love screaming our heads off and splashing around. I love that Speedy was able to ride most of the rides.

Here's a shot of our group before we went in. Don't ask me why my silly husband is hiding behind the pole. I had my camera but was too busy riding rides to remember to snap a few photos lol. I have to do better.
Chipmunk Turned 1- In true Russell fashion, we celebrated our littlest's 1st birthday with a party full of friends and fun. Because his birthday fell on a very busy week, we opted for a weekday evening party at a local indoor jumping place. The kid's had a blast and that included my little man.

He was using his hands but decided that was for the birds lol


Speedy Started Baseball- And here's the kicker, my hubby is coaching his team. So far they have had four practices. The first game is on the 12th

Pool and Waterpark- During this summer we took several trips to our neighborhood pool and to the local waterparks. Which is one thing I love about being in this area. They have tons of public pools (with nice features) and full-fledged waterparks, which I wish we had growing up in Miami. We only had the pools, the nearest waterpark was 2 hrs away. Something I never understood for a place with such beautiful year round weather. Nonetheless, we had great fun; and so I digress...

Movies and Chuck-e-Cheese trips- We also took some time out and made several trips to the movies and to Chuck e Cheese's. My son loves this place, as do most kids. I wish they had more of a play structure like Discovery Zone did before it closed. This was the first summer that we did kid movies. Before this, my husband had a perpetual fear that our kid's would be the ones yelling and crying during the movie causing us to have to leave the theatre wasting our money. However, his fear was unfounded and our children did awesome each time. Among the movies we saw were: Turbo, Planes, and Monster's U.

Beyoncé- Yes! My amazing husband for my bday in May got me tickets to see Queen B when she came to DC in July. To top it off my niece (who is more like my sister) came for the week and went with me. The night was an amazing outing I will never forget.

Barbecues- My absolute favorite event during the summer. I love to entertain and I love to eat! Sadly, we didn't have many events at our home due to the lack of space. I can't wait for the day when we settle down in a house of our own with a beautiful patio where we can entertain to our hearts desire.
This has become my most requested dish for summer functions. Oh yeah and my pasta salad too lol


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